About David Kingham

David is a professional nature photographer who travels full-time with his partner Jennifer Renwick and their two cats. David started his full-time travels in 2014 to travel the country, spend time in the places he loves, and to find purpose in this world. David and Jennifer plan to settle down in Ridgway, CO where they met and feel most at home. Until then they will continue their travels across America.

David and Jennifer lead photography workshops together. They love to share their knowledge of photography and the locations they call home year to year. You can learn more about their workshops by visiting Exploring Exposure.

David also shares his knowledge of photography through his eBooks and Videos.

He is also the owner of the Nature Photographers Network, a site devoted to the art and craft of nature photography. It is a discussion forum focused primarily on honest image critiques.

David also helped start the Nature First Photography movement which promotes ethical principles to other photographers in order to protect the places we love. Please consider joining the movement.

David Kingham Headshot